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Desider L. Theodore R. Steven D. Wack "Steve" Band 1: Intramurals 1,2. Jerome J. Terry M. Walter "Walt" Basketball Team 1. Charles P. Daniel C. John W. Weber "John" Tennis Team 2; Intramurals 1. John T. Wehner ''Weiner'' Class Officer 1. Steve J. Wells "Jason" Honor Roll 1. Joseph M.

Christopher A. Gary L. West "Gary" Sodality 3. Victor T. Whisman "Vic" Dramatics 3. Honor Society 3,4; Sodality 3,4; Intramurals 1,2. White "John" Sodality 3. Robert P. Wourms "Bob" Band 1. Wurst '1'om" Baud 1,2; Honor Roll 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Seniors Tom Martin, Herb Finke, John Schroeder, and Tom Plummer show their creative ability, working together for individual expression at the Senior Retreat, one of the highlights of the year. The midsection of the Chaminade offense, center Bud Hammerle and quarterback Terry Walter, draw from the resources of Coach Schneider's experience.

The Chaminade Varsity Football Team drew from the resources of experienced seniors, talented juniors, and upcoming sophomores to compile a record. Both the offensive and defensive starting rosters were spearheaded by a line-up of veteran seniors. The Eagle gridders rambled through the season spurred on by their enthusiastic followers. The first taste of success came against Fairmont East.

Terry Walter, the Chaminade quarterback, connected with three touchdown passes, two to John Lemke in the first half for touchdowns of thirty-four and seven yards respectively, and the third to John Zaidan in the second half, giving the Eagles a 20 to 12 lead. But the game was far from over as Gary Kosins broke loose for a seventy-three yard touchdown run with three seconds remaining in the game, making the final score Chaminade 26, Fairmont East The next trial for the Eagles was against highly-rated Beavercreek.

A stalwart Eagle defense stymied the Beavers' offensive drives and, in the process, placed the Chaminade offense in scoring position. Gary Kosins displayed his All-American form as he bulled his way into the end zone three times, defeating the Beavers, The following week placed the Eagles in contention with the Dragons of Fairmont West.

The Eagles scored first as Terry Walter completed an end zone pass to fine sophomore end, Stan Pfander. For the second touchdown the strong blocking of the Chaminade offensive line enabled John Schroeder to plunge three yards into the end zone. The two successful point-after-touchdown attempts gave Chaminade a victory.

Hamilton Garfield visited the Eagles the following week at Stebbins Stadium. Chaminade made the initial touchdown in the close contest, but reluctantly forfeited the lead. An Eagle attempt to tie the score in the closing seconds of play fell short at the game's end with Garfield ahead, The men of Chaminade run through their traditional warm-up, preparing to confront the Carroll Patriots. John "Zeke" Zaidain, although small in stature, was a big offensive element for Chaminade, using his speed and agility to produce a big 7.

Although later side-lined for appendicitis, Vince Shay was a big defensive fac tor against Fairmont East. Experience Pays Off For Eagles. The second loss of the season was suffered at the hands of the Richmond Red Devils. Careless ball handling led to the team's downfall as the number one team in Indiana capitalized on three Eagle fumbles in the first four minutes of the game to take a lead.

In the remaining three quarters, both teams dented the scoring column with six points, for the final. Two straight losses did not stop the Chaminade gridders from defeating the Meadowdale Lions, Rain limited the passing attack, but the running game was at its finest. Fresh from the strong victory, the Eagles seemed prepared to face the top-ranked team in the Dayton area, Belmont.

The Bisons took the lead by returning the following kick-off all the way and scoring the extra points, holding the lead for the remainder of the game. A touchdown by Gary Kosins cut the Bison's margin, but to no avail as Belmont retained their area prominence, Schmitz, H. Schmitz, M. Flynn, S. Karl, C. Haemmerle, W. Albers, S. Alfano, F. Kuntz, J. Lemke, T. Blake, K. Egan, J. Schroeder, G. Kosins, C. Goldschmidt, M. Westendorf, R. Bel'theaud, V. Shay, R. Meranda, E. Sears, J. Zaidain, L.

Budich, Coach Schneider, Coach Katcavage. Siiger, D. Kaylor, T. Burger, J. Woeste, T. Zajovits, D. Lee, P. Civille , J. Staley, D. Verret, P. Sharkey, C. Shillito, R. Davis, R. Fischer, Coach Kosak. Hamant, T. Flohre, S. Pfander, M. Dahlinghaus, M. Not Present: W. One touchdown was not enough to satisfy John Schroeder against Fairmont West, as he drives for more yardage. Many teams, including Alter, felt the defensive sting of line backers Mike Westendorf and Dick Meranda.

The Eagles rebounded from the Belmont humiliation with a convincing Homecoming victory over Carroll. Terry Walter scored the lone touchdown of the first half, while Carroll waited until the third quarter to score, capturing the lead, Eagle 'determination took over in the fourth quarter, resulting in twenty-one points. The scoring spree began when John Lemke and Bill Albers opened a hole in the Carroll defensive line, allowing Gary Kosins to romp sixty-seven yards for a touchdown.

Only minutes later, Kosins dashed fifty-four yards on a punt return for his second touchdown of the game. The final seven points came on a drive following another long punt return, ending the contest at The Eagles then traveled to Piqua. The favored Indians jumped off to a six point lead on their own muddy turf, but the Fighting Men of Chaminade quickly bounced back.

Pushed deep into their own territory by the Eagle defense, the Indians were forced to punt from their own five yard line. John Lemke blocked the kick and Tom Flohre pounced on the hall in the end zone for six points. Gary Kosins responded to the revitalized team spirit, scoring three touchdowns, with help from John Schroeder and John Zaidain, both adding one touchdown apiece, as Chaminade left Piqua behind, In the last game of the season, the Eagles pitted their skills against always tough archrival Alter.

The spirit of the student body was at a peak as the team charged onto the muddy field at Baujan Stadium. Partially due to the field conditions, the first half ended in a scoreless tie. However, the wet field did not dampen the Eagle enthusiasm in the second half. The Chaminade defense repeatedly pushed the Alter offense back, finally forcing the Knights to punt from within their own five yard line. The Alter punter did not have a chance to kick the ball as the Eagle defense, led by Carl Goldschmidt, broke through the Alter line, tackling the kicker in the Knights' own end zone for a safety and two valuable points.

An inspired offense took charge in the fourth quarter, as Terry Walter completed a pass to Eric Sears only a few yards from the goal line. Walter finished the job himself, lunging into the end zone for six more points. With the successful extra point conversion, Chaminade held a safe lead, Defensive Coach K at cavage in his fourth year on t he Chamin ade staff offers advice t o Eagle gridders.

Fairmont West fell to the Eagles as strong defense, illustrated by Carl Goldschmidt, was a key factor in the victory. Rosengarten, E. Bannen, R. Mathis, D. Burneka, J. Plummer, R. Klenke, S. Kuntz, S. Ross, T. McCarthy, J. Raffel, T. Sharkey, M. Shea, G. Wysong, K. Sharp, R. Martin, M. Hilton, M. Foster, H.

Smalls, G. Wright, S. Ruef, D. Turner, D. Schneider, P. Bohman, D. Cardwell, R. Marah, B. Hoersting mgr. Kessler, P. Schmits, D. Coffey, R. McWilliams, V. Klosterman, D. Neff, J. Balaz, T. Altick, J. Agnew, M. Greany, F. Squad Post Highly Successful Season Under the able guidance of Brother William Marchal, the Cross Country Team completed a highly successful campaign, capturing the district and regional championships, and placing ninth in the state.

After convincing victories over Beavercreek, Cincinnati Elder, Fairmont West, and Jefferson, the team was well on its way toward the accomplishment of its goal. The Eagle Harriers were not satisfied with a fine season alone. By out-running twenty-four other schools, they captured the District crown, as Denny Bayham led the over-all team effort, grabbing the top individual performance honors for the second consecutive year.

The following week, the team accomplished a second goal, winning the Regional Championship, thus qualifying for the State Championship Meet. As topping to the team's fine season, plus the outstanding district and regional performances, the Harriers placed ninth in the State contest, with Bayham finishing fourth. Bayham, J. Mader, D. Trick, S. Bayer, E. Mathes, M. Duffy, M. Al Bertke's experience kept the Eagles within points of Xavier during the season's opener.

The visitors locker room of the U. Turvene's first half evaluation of the District Finals as Chaminade trailed Roth The basketball season promised a return to district prominence with some of the best shooting in the city. The Bombers proved too tough for the untested Eagles, as Xavier reigned, It was Al Bertke's hot shooting hand that kept Chaminade in the game and the following week provided a first quarter lead against Fairmont West.

But the Dragons made up the difference and kept their advantage, The hard-working, determined Eagles then met Xenia at Chaminade and won their first one, nearly doubling the Buccaneers' score, Chaminade's journey to Beavercreek proved a profitable one. Al Bertke's "Middletown jumper" and Luther Leigh's foul shooting brought the Eagles from an 11 point deficit to a victory, followed the next night by an defeat of the Carroll Patriots with Dan Gerhard chipping in his season high of 23 points.

Christmas holidays placed the Eagles in the Canton Invitational against the best teams in the state. There was no celebrating, however, as victory was out of the Eagles' grasp with both Canton McKinley and Canton Lincoln on top , and , respectively. One week later Bertke displayed his AllOhio form against Stivers, breaking the Chaminade scoring record with 38 points as the Eagles waltzed off with a victory. The going was not quite so easy against Belmont.

The Bisons provided rousing competition, but the Eagles overcame their opponents with full team effort and a win. Wilbur Wright was the setting for the ChaminadeRoosevelt game as the Teddies also succumbed to the Chaminade hoopsters after a hard fought battle, The traditional meeting of Chaminade and Alter was the next week at the U. Fieldhouse, but the encounter was a one-sided affair with the Eagles ahead all the way.

George Brun pulled down eighteen rebounds and Bertke chipped in 24 points to produce an undisputable victory. Dunbar was a different story. The top rated team in the area came out ahead, , despite a 31 point effort by Bertke. Paul Kurpiel connected for 13 points and hauled in 12 rebounds the next night to give the Eagles a considerable boost in overcoming Stebbins Chaminade was on the way to a ten game winning streak as they beat the Meadowdale Lions with a 21 point effort by Luther Leigh.

Then George Brun pumped in 17 points and rebounding 18 times in a victory over Kiser at Chaminade. Ayersville Local paid their first visit to Chaminade and went home with a loss with Bertke scoring his th point. Al Bertke puts forth the extra effort to move across the mid court against a Centerville pass press. On Home Floor.

When Roth came into the Valley of the Green Giants for the last scheduled game of the season, the going was not quite so easy. The Eagles led at the end of the first three quarters, but found themselves behind by 6 points with 9 seconds remaining in the game. Then Dan Gerhard sank both ends of a oneand-one and Al Bertke stole a pass and dropped in a long jumper to narrow the count 51 with two seconds left.

After a time-out by Coach Turvene, Paul Kurpiel was fouled as the Falcons attempted to bring the ball in bounds. With two seconds remaining, Kurpiel missed the shot, but George Brun came through with a long range tip to tie the score at the buzzer.

A technical was called on the Roth bench and Al Bertke dropped in the free throw. The Eagles were herded into the dressing roo:. Since the technical was after the buzzer, the game was still in progress. The first overtime resulted in a tie. In the second overtime Paul Kurpiel gave Chaminade the lead with two steals and six points as a win kept the Eagles undefeated on the Chaminade floor. It's Luther Leigh's turn to lead the Eagles fast break against Alter.

Fred Dahm apprehensively gazes at his foul shot against Kiser. All five starters hit double figures, but it was Luther Leigh's 21 points that carried the brunt of the load against Wilmington as the Eagles. Preble Shawnee stayed nip and tuck with Chaminade until the fourth quarter.

Two steals by Terry Tyler and six quick buckets by Al Bertke assured the victory. Second-seeded Centerville met the Eagles in the Semi-final game at V. A 28 point effort demonstrated why Al Bertke was voted the second best player in the state as Chaminade trounced the Elks, The V. Fieldhouse was also the scene of the District Finals and Chaminade's rematch with Roth.

George Brun hauled in 18 rebounds and hit 9 of 11 shots from the field, totaling a game-high Despite his fine effort, the Eagles lost their finesse and suffered a set-back. The Eagles are introduced to the television audience before their contest with Roth in the District Finals. George Brun hooks in two of his 27 points in the second game against Roth. Duffy, P. Kurpiel, A. Bertke, L. Leigh, R. Simons, F. Jackson, D. Gerhart, S. Buddy, S. Pfander, S. Shulkers, T. A Roth defender tries to discoura ge Al Bertke's lofty jumper.

Excitement typifies the Alter game at V. Rapp, R. Voit, G. Newcombe, S. Kane, T. Wuebben, B. Lesko, J. Wieland, D. Obringer, T. Seitz, R. Muzechuk, T. Freil, J. Spring, M. Eifert, J. Layne, S. Guess, J. Florkey, S.

Larger mgr. Schmidtz, R. Garman, E. Reed, D. Miller, D. Duffy, G. Hedgebeth, T. Lipp, Coach Inderrieden. Van Buren Carroll J. Kennedy Stivers Belmont D. Mats and uniforms were provided by the Student Council with Mr.

Dan Shea contributing the leadership necessary to put the grapplers on their feet. He narrowed a field of 88 potential wrestlers to 33, including one senior, the rest sophomores and junIOrs. Strength and speed were two assets the Chaminade wrestlers possessed, but they lacked a third essential quality, experience. Chaminade wrestlers made outstanding first season showings, but nevertheless lot to Roth, Oakwood, and West Carrolton in succession.

And when Chaminade met the experienced grapplers of state power Moeller, the Eagles, meriting only two points,isaw the goals they would need to attain in future years. After suffering through a season of ten disheartening defeats, the last meet of the season proved the most rewarding. The first wrestling victory in Chaminade history came against Xenia Woodrow Wilson. The desire to win brought an eager team a 13 point win against their opponents. One Eagle wrestler rewarded his efforts with a visit to the District Tournament as Ray Dysas made a fine showing representing Chaminade.

Lamont Rogers ties up his Carroll opponent for a 2 point take-down. Sendelbach, R. Dysas, E. Ruf, F. Sweigart, J. Holtzhauer, G. Bayer, J. Jobe, T. Titus, D. Sheehan, T. Carter mgr. McGill, M. Nickerson, T. Zimmer, S. Eckstein, G. Wourms, M. Hockwalt, J. Kesting, T. Nevius, M. Huwer, E. Tolle, M. Whitley, Coach Quigley. Schopler, H. Smalls, S. Neumann, P. Nevius, J. Rutledge, J. Bums, J. Foster, C.

Jenk, R. Poquette, C. Gunther, M. Dewitt mgr. With five seniors on the team, the juniors and sophomores took it upon themselves to carry most of the load. Tom Long connected with the highest batting average,.

The team's talent was not apparent at the Richmond season opener as the Eagles lost, But the latent skill showed itself to the Roosevelt Teddies as Chaminade won, Colonel White was another outstanding performance which earned the Eagles their second win, A three game losing streak to Fairborn, Fairview, and Meadowdale was snapped by a victory over Carroll. The first game of a Princeton double-header was a tense one as Chaminade's opponents squeaked by, , and won the other game in a hitting duel, Victory over Stebbins did not come easy to Chaminade, Northmont dealt the Eagles their last regular season loss, followed by repeat conquests of Colonel White and Carroll.

In the last scheduled game of the season Chaminade soundly defeated Fairmont East, , and later began the eliminations in the District Tournament by putting Stivers, Patterson, and Trotwood out of commission. In trying to defend their District Title the Eagles fell, Tong, R. Powers, M. Huwer, T. Woeste, G. Simon, M. Parks, D. Obringer, D. Garman, S. Alfano, J. Staley, Coach Turvene. Carrollton Beavercreek Northmont. Martin, B. Gomes, T.

Wuebben, K. Raab, T. Seitz, M. Eifert, D. Wiggins, R. Marah, S. Rosengarten, J. Seitz, P. Sharkey, D. Westendorf, M. Krebs, Tom Seitz, K. Harm, Jim Barstow. Kessler, S. Scheper, W. In , as in previous years, Chaminade's track team produced an outstanding record of in dual meets and captured second place in the Fairmont West Invitational. These accomplishments resulted from a strong team effort, but were especially earned by the fabulous performances of senior distance runner Dennis Bayham and classmate John Meyer.

Denny established new records in the two-mile run at Chaminade in the District Meet and also in the Miami Relays. He was the anchor man in the distance medley team that set a new school record of John Meyer set new school records in the yd. John tied the school record of Meyer was also a member of the sprint and medley teams that set new school records.

He was one of the two team members who qualified for the State Meet in Columbus and earned fourth place in the meet itself in the high hurdles. Under thEt fine coaching of Mr. Dan Kosak, Bro. Bill Marchal, and Bro.

Shillito, Coach Kosak. Tangeman, Mgr. Flohre, M. Dahlinghaus, J. Meyer, M. Fiedor, T. Boudette, W. Fischer, E. Mathes, J. Koslick, G. Boudette, D. Jackson, R. Wilson, M. Tuss, D. Bayham, G. Sullivan, L. Hayes, P. Lafferty, M. Timpone, V. Rowan, D. Jackson, M. Miller, S. Bayer, G. Schindler, D. Blake, D. Harman, D.

Dempsey, G. Bayley, R. Perhaps the Student Council's greatest success this year was the production of the musical, " Guys and Dolls. Finke, Treasurer; M. Quinn, President; D. Sweet, Vice-President; E. Reiling, Secretary. Hinker, Jr. Representative; A.

Ballman, Intramurals; J. Caporal, Social; C. Hammerle, Public Relations;. Taking up the challenge presented them by Bro. Mathews at the time of their election, the Student Council was one of the most successful in the history oJ Chaminade High School. Under the able direction of President Michael Quinn, Vice-President Dennis Sweet, Secretary Ed Reiling, Treasurer Herbert Finke, and the eight committee chairmen, the Student Council initiated a number of new programs, as well as increasing the number and quality of activities, both social and extracurricular, under the ideal, "Make things happen!

Cultural Committee Chairman James Dwyer brought several high quality films into the auditorium with donations going into the newly-created Movie Agency. Social Committee Chairman John Caporal organized over twenty highly successful dances and sock-hops for weekend enjoyment.

The Spirit Committee, headed by co-chairmen Charles Vangas and Eric Sears, held seven rallies throughout the football and basketball seasons, all in an attempt to increase school spirit. The Student Council as a whole made many more "things happen" throughout the school year. McClain, Student Welfare; J. Dwyer, Cultural; D. Lesko, Sph. Keferal, Publicity; S. Pfander, Sr. Representative; C. Van gas, Spirit ; J.

Suttmiller, Ways and Means; E. Sears, Spirit. The first step toward realization of this goal was the problem of raising the money necessary to produce a good yearbook. Three methods were used: First was the Patron Drive, in which the students were asked to sell personal and business patrons, receiving fifty per cent commission of all sales over ten dollars.

The second drive in the school was the Subscription Drive. Once again, the students responded very well, the yearbook taking in nearly four thousand dollars. Finally, many members of the staff sold advertisements to various businesses, bringing in another twenty-one hundred dollars. The second problem was talent, and the staff solved this easily. Robert Lamb, willingly worked"for the fulfillment of the goal,. Schmidt, D. Summers, B. Baczenas, M. Hart, J. Sloan, W. Bayley, P. Burkhardt, C.

Giscombe, R Bertheaud, W. Krebs, R McCarthy. Russell O'Neill, was one of high quality and produced a fine paper. Despite the talented staff, the paper lacked serious financial backing from the student body. This lack of support caused the staff to fall one short of their goal of nine issues set at the beginning of the year.

Although somewhat disappointed, the staff produced a number of excellent editions, including a special six-page Christmas issue. The determination and hard work of the staff paid off, for the Chaminade News garnered a large share of awards at the annual Miami Valley Journalism Association Conference at University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio.

Senior Edward Reiling was able to repeat last year's effort and again 'won the first place award in news writing. Vic Whisman stimulates his thought while touching up a final article. Moderator Bro. Russ O'Neill and future editor-in-chief John Carroll check over the Feature Page proof just before it is sent to the printers. Doan, C. Giscombe, J. Thomas, J. Bohman, F. Lange, J. Buerschen, B.

Fischer, D. Walling, S. Deitering, J. Boehm, J. Caporal, J. Tarlano, B. Simon, E. Reiling, J. Martin, D. Civille, D. Sweeney, B. Ginn, G. Singer, R. Sullivan, J. Moore, P. Connair, B. Bahret, M. Timpone, R. The National Honor Society's main function during the school year, besides that of providing a goal for students to attain, was the creation and support of the quiz team representing Chaminade High School on the Teen Scene Television show.

Richard Ihlendorf acting as the faculty moderator. Thirty-four seniors, twenty-five juniors, and twelve sophomore provisional members completed the membership of the National Honor Society. Barlow, E. Smith, C. Reindl, D. Lesko, R. McBride, S. Harting, J.

Bohman, H. Finke, T. Gray, E. Reiling, G. Sullivan, S. Deneke, J. Saluke, L. Woeste, B. Von Bargen, S. O'Hearn, M. Quinn, B. Gomes, R. Parent, W. Krebs, J. Flynn, D. Leppla, S. Kane, S. Budde, C. Ballew, M. Duffy, D. Barker, C. Griscombe, P. Burkhardt, M. Fiedor, R. Berthea ud. Harman, P. Malone y, D. Markus, E. Sabrack, M. Mueller, G. Schindler, M. Westendorf, V. Whisman, C. MacKay, J. Martin, G. Dunsky, J.

Woerner, D. Sweeney, R. Carson, T. Henehan, S.


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Aber wie steht es in unserer heutigen Zeit mit dem Thema Fortschritt? Wie wollen wir leben? Manche Visionen existieren seit mehreren Jahrhunderten. Bakunin gilt bis heute als Vater des Anarchismus. Wir heirateten bald. Ihr Blick schien sich in meine Augen zu bohren, und ich bekam Zweifel. Immerfort sprach sie von Liebe. Und ich heiratete sie, weil ich Kinder wollte. Robert Seethaler Schreckliche und Faszinierende daran. Ich bin mit einer schweren Sehbehinderung aufgewachsen und war auf einer Blindenschule in Wien.

Ich habe als Kind in meiner eigenen kleinen Welt gelebt. Wahrscheinlich bevorzuge ich deshalb das Schreiben. Es ist ja eher eine Verinnerlichung. Sie scheinen dem Thema Tod mit einer beneidenswerten Gelassenheit zu begegnen. Aber eher noch ist es vorweggenommene Trauer. Die Angst vor dem Abschied. Er ist wie eine Leinwand, auf die wir unsere Vorstellungen projizieren. Genau das ist das.

Worin finden Sie Trost, wenn Sie an den Tod denken? Mein Leben war bislang gut. Das ist immerhin schon etwas. Oft gibt es keinen Trost. Und wer spricht von einem sicheren Hafen? Vielleicht sogar gerade dort. Schmidt, Brit Bartkowiak und Marc Becker. Nach dem Roman von Fjodor M. Weitere Informationen unter www. Dann sind Sie genau richtig bei den Theaterfreunden. Sie sind ein Freund des Theaters und noch nicht dabei? Die Theatergemeinde Wiesbaden e.

Aber Vorsicht: Suchtgefahr! Es ist mir das Allerwichtigste, dass sowohl das Orchester als auch das Publikum unsere Konzerte spannend finden und Freude erfahren. Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall auf alles, was jetzt noch kommt. Soll ein Konzertprogramm nur unterhalten? Zu meiner ersten Spielzeit Ich hoffe, dass uns das gelungen ist, und wir wollen weiter dorthin streben.

Neu ist vor allem der Kompositionswettbewerb, den Sie aus der Taufe heben. Warum braucht es Neue Musik im Konzert? Bis Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy im ersten Drittel des Wiesbaden ist an vielen Ecken architektonisch eine Jugendstilstadt. Ich bin sehr auf die Reaktion des Publikums gespannt! Das hat viele begeistert. Es gilt also, offen zu sein. Was zeichnet sie aus? Chouchane Siranossian ist eine tolle Barock-Geigerin, die auch als Konzertmeisterin Konzerte vom Instrument aus leitet.

Als ehemalige Assistentin von Reinhard Goebel kennt sie sich in der Musik des Jahrhunderts sehr gut aus. Diese Kombination an Eigenschaften finde ich gut. Wo keine Luft ist, kann auch keine Musik sein. Miles Davis ist wahrscheinlich der einflussreichste Musiker des Kunst sollte verstehbar sein! Patrick Lange. Natur was war und was bleibt. Welche weiteren Schwerpunkte gibt es im Konzertprogramm der neuen Spielzeit?

Auf diese Kombination bin ich sehr gespannt! Auch das 1. Da trifft eine musikalische Architektur bei Bruckner auf etwas Unsagbares in Schuberts sinfonischem Fragment. Er ist einer der bedeutendsten lebenden Komponisten. Vor allem im Jungen Konzert werden neue Konzertformen erprobt. Was erwartet das junge Publikum z. Nur so finden wir alternative Varianten heraus, wie man Musik erlebbar machen kann.

Wir wollen ein Publikum erreichen, dass wir mit den Kammerkonzerten im Foyer nicht unbedingt ansprechen. In der Wartburg brechen wir die klassische Konzertsituation auf. Wen lernen wir Mit Tobias Vorreiter haben wir einen tollen Trompeter, einen Vollblutmusiker.

Und werden Sie dabei sein? Mai , 20 Uhr. Bewerbunsfrist: 1. Juli Alle Infos unter:. Zumal dieses Violinkonzert meiner Schwester gewidmet ist. Carolin Widmann spielt im 2. Wie sie im 1. Auf den 1. Chouchane Siranossian Nicht nur musikalisch geht es bei Chouchane Siranossian hoch hinaus. Auf dem Gipfel angekommen, notiert sie vor der endlosen Bergkulisse ihre Ideen. Geleitet wird der Chor von Christoph Stiller. Sinfonie: Erste Skizzen zu diesem Werk finden sich bereits Doch aufgrund anderer musikalischer Projekte sowie finanzieller Notlagen, Krankheiten und Depressionen blieben greifbare.

Am Melonenberg 12, Wiesbaden T Kammerkonzert Wenzel Stich gen. Giovanni Punto Quartett Nr. Luigi Boccherini Streichtrios op. Wie hat sich das Hessische Staatsballett seitdem entwickelt? Das ist ein spannender Punkt. Gerade bei der Planung der nun vor uns liegenden Spielzeit Und was bedeutet das ganz konkret? Auf jeden Fall. Bei all der Auseinandersetzung mit den Traditionen, ist es da nicht schwierig, nicht in der Vergangenheit verhaftet und damit stehen zu bleiben?

Und gerade deshalb bilden den zweiten Teil der Spielzeit Abende, die sich eher mit der Zukunft. Aber vor allem findet Marie in der Traumwelt das, was sie im realen Leben am meisten glaubt zu vermissen. Es folgten weitere getanzte Versionen dieser Musik durch das gesamte Martin Harriague, der seit Mitglied der Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company ist, kreierte bisher vor allem in Frankreich, Spanien und den Niederlanden und machte durch Auszeichnungen bei Wettbewerben in Hannover, Stuttgart und Kopenhagen von sich reden.

In Kooperation mit der Dotter-Stiftung starten wir mit der Spielzeit Haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt? Dann werden Sie Mitglied bei uns! Gabriele Sophia Volmer, 1. Nuri Alamuti und Dr. Am Tanztag Rhein-Main am Oktober bis zum November zum vierten Mal in Darmstadt, Wiesbaden und Frankfurt und erstmalig auch in Offenbach stattfindet.

In der Praxis von Dr. Abhilfe schafft das All-On-4 Konzept. Zeitaufwendiger sowie schmerzafter Knochenaufbau wird so vermieden. Die Behandlung ist schmerzfrei praxis am Theater Wiesbaden und auch hinterher hat man nahezu keine Schmerzen, da das Zahnfleisch nicht aufgeschnitten werden muss. Die wesentlich geringere Infektionsgefahr, die sich dadurch ergibt, ist ein weiterer Vorteil dieser Nobel-Guide-Technik. Fragen oder Anregungen?

Lassen Sie sich einen Termin geben oder vereinbaren Sie eine Beratung. Zuvor starten wir mit einer Party! Von bis studierte sie an der AdK Regensburg. Mit Beginn der Spielzeit Die Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten, lassen einen nicht so leicht los. Seit arbeitet sie vorwiegend als Regisseurin u. Sie hat mehrere Musicalrevuen geschrieben. Die Wartburg wird ein junges Profil bekommen und Heimat der Clubs werden.

Das ist wohl wahr und nicht nur in der Wartburg der Fall. Leitung Wartburg und stellv. Er assistierte u. Dieser Satz ist schlicht und ergreifend Quatsch. Der Trick? Denn erst die von. Das sollen Kinder begreifen? Aber gewiss doch — gerade Kinder. Denn sie wissen zu spielen. Es gibt noch einen zweiten: Ich selber will spielen! Ich will das Kind in mir am Leben lassen. Ich will mit ihm zusammen auf die Suche gehen, will die Welt und das ganz Andere entdecken. Trefferfrei in der Bombennacht.

Einzug des amerikanischen Offiziersclub. Kauf durch die Stadt Wiesbaden. Mit der Spielzeit Es gibt digitale Experimente und analoge Erfolge. Die Wartburg wird Chancenbude und Talentschmiede. Doch eines Tages geht ihr eigenes Lied verloren. Oder wurde es gestohlen? Shira macht sich auf die Suche nach ihrer Melodie. Sie entdeckt auf ihrer Reise nicht nur andere Welten und neue Musik, sie findet zugleich auch sich selbst. Papa Pavian gibt ihm den dringlichen Ratschlag, nicht zu neugierig zu sein.

Kontakt und Information theaterpaedagogik staatstheater-wiesbaden. Premiere 9. Mai , Studio. Kohlhaas klagt gegen dieses Unrecht. Aber er scheitert an Intrigen, Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft. Gemeinsam mit Martin fliegt Nils so mit den Tieren, und eine abenteuerliche Reise beginnt. November Sa 23 Mmmh, schmeckt gut, aber eine Zutat fehlt noch. Wiederaufnahme Wiederaufnahme 8.

Otis, der amerikanische Botschafter in London, kauft ein altes englisches Schloss und zieht mit seiner Familie dort ein. Wiederaufnahme Februar Nun ist er dreizehn, 35 Kilo schwer und zweimal sitzen geblieben. Wiederaufnahme 1. In dieser Sinfonie schuf Beethoven ein klingendes Bild vom Menschen in der Natur, mit der er untrennbar verbunden ist.

Termine Termine 7. Mai , jeweils 20 Uhr, Wartburg. Von einem Baum springen, der zu hoch erscheint? Mai , Wartburg. Sein oder nicht sein — das ist hier die Frage. Oder doch eher: Wie merke ich mir den Text? Fragen, auf die es nicht nur eine Antwort gibt. Juni , Juni , 16 Uhr Wartburg. Er wird zum lokalen Held. Deine Freunde sind genervt, weil Du deinen Klingelton selber singst?

Mutter Oberin steckt in der Klemme. Doch wie sollen sie auf ehrliche Weise so viel Geld auftreiben? Sie werden zu Freunden. Eine Geschichte um Macht, Intrige und Leidenschaft beginnt. Wiederaufnahme 7. Siedler, geworfen hat. Findet gemeinsam mit uns in der Spielzeit Drama Aktiv! Gemeinsam erfahren wir spielerisch alte Stoffe. Oper Aktiv! Theater Direkt! In der Gruppe entwickeln und improvisieren wir gemeinsam eine Geschichte. Tanz Aktiv! In Bewegung kommen ohne viel nachzudenken.

Dauer ca. Auf diese Weise hauchen wir dem Text neues Leben ein und machen ihn dadurch erlebbar. Anmeldestart zur Teilnahme an den Schultheatertagen ist im September Informationsabend Was Ihr zeigt, das entscheidet Ihr. Das Publikum entscheidet, wer den Hauptpreis mit nach Hause nimmt und in die Geschichte der Wartburg eingeht.

Termin Gemeinsam wollen wir so spielerisch den Kosmos. Am Sonntag, Informationen unter d. Genauere Informationen zum Ablauf gibt es hier:. Ein Projekt von Semiramis e. Jeder Ferienkurs widmet sich dabei seinem ganz eigenen Thema. Die Ferienkurse richten sich an alle mit und ohne Theatererfahrung, die Lust haben, in die Welt des Theaters einzutauchen. Weitere Informationen und Anmeldungen theaterpaedagogik staatstheater-wiesbaden.

Termine finden Sie online oder im Monatsleporello. Anmeldung unter theaterpaedagogik staatstheater-wiesbaden. Gemeinsam mit Justus Wiesbaden e. Theaterpaten e. Juli bis August geschlossen. April Der Spielplan erscheint jeweils am April bis Juli und vom 1. August bis Ab dem 4. Mit den Wahl-Abonnements haben Sie die freie Auswahl. Leitung Junges Staatstheater Dirk Schirdewahn. Elfert, Evelyn M. Violine 2 , 2. Manfred Beilharz, Peter Janowsky, Prof. JUNI 03 Mi Oder: Wie werde ich klug?

Ryan Neda Navaee Berlin: S. Wassermeier: S.